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Nature’s Pride turns tourist’s delight

As we enter into the period of ‘Unlock’, the mood is positive and
exciting for many people. People are considering unwinding after the
‘lockdown’ and looking for a getaway. If you search for ‘Is Tadoba open
’ The answer is off course yes as Tadoba National Park Resorts are
waiting for you. Tadoba jeep safari online bookings are in full swing and
people are checking out one of the best jungle lodges packages.
However, this exciting park has one of the best construction history to
begin while making one of the best amalgamation of nature and
Getting hotels and resort up on its feet is challenging for both the
curators and the nature. Along with a possibility of growth comes the
trade-off of habitat destruction that comes in form of landscape
alteration, felling of trees, diversion of natural water systems and
profiling of exotic species into the natural. These trade-offs if managed
responsibly could bring social, economic and environment prosperity
which has been proved by Jharana Jungle Lodge Resort at Tadoba.
While turning responsible towards nature, Jharana Jungle Lodge and
many other sensitive operators consider re-wilding the land as the core
necessity of their setup and operations. We strive towards avoiding
unchecked damage from the very genesis stage of construction and into
full-fledged operations. In fact, we have experienced that just a few
mindful steps could create this harmonious balance between our
presence with the wild. Our lodges have been set up on primarily
agricultural or abandoned over-grazed patches.
By choice, we earmarked no interference areas during construction
phase and we have noticed the plants came back thriving in no time.
Special attention was paid post construction in regenerating the area that
was once fallow by supplementing it with local species of trees and
grass. Now what we have is ‘mini forests’ that add to corridor forests or
provide a strong refuge for animals. For the nature’s delight we have
recorded more than seventeen mammal species that frequent, reside and

even breed to raise families at the natural forested estate of the lodges.
Some of the mammals that have been sighted are – Spotted Deer, Wild
Pig, Jungle Cat, Tiger, Leopard, Langur Monkey, Jackal, Fox, Palm
Civet, Small Indian Civet, Sloth bear and Hare along with a long list of
birds and reptiles. Tadoba jungle safari online booking can be
mesmerizing and your chance to remember considering these sightings.
Our guests love the natural wilderness, feeling a marked difference from
the usual landscaped gardens and urbanisation. Not only is it economical
to maintain but also a joy for us to be living with these wild denizens in
today’s times. Plant a tree, maybe just a few pots in your balcony and
you will soon have company.

"We, as a resort know that jungle safari in Tadoba is much sought after.
Tadoba safari bookings have already started to encourage tourism after
the gloomy period of lockdown."


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